Install magic…
Use the power of big data and artificial intelligence. Install aexy app and receive smart recommendations based on your interests and goals.

Make new contacts, meet interesting people

No more lists or directories, aexy suggest the right people for you, based on your interests, objectives and location.

Find and live the perfect event

Find events and check who is also participating. Interact with people who have the same goal you at the event.

Discover amazing services and products

Know before others. Discover services and products that have everything to do with you, earn points and exchange for gifts.

Search the right place for you

Search for an interest or objective and find out which places these people frequent.

Create your profile. Set your interests and objectives.

Dance, Technology, Rock, Soccer… Loss weight, travel around the world, partner for nightlife, get married… Create your profile telling aexy about your main interests and objectives.

Use the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in your day by day.

Based on your profile, interests, and objectives, aexy algorithm will discover “things” with fit to you. This includes other people with the same interest and objective, cool places, events, news, products and more…

We are in beta.
Join before launch.

At this moment aexy app is available only for a small group. You can apply to become a beta user for a test before official launch.